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"TransitGarden2" (2007-2010) by David Hahlbrock is a green intervention project in public space.


Makrolab is an autonomous communications and living unit created by Marko Peljhan.

Ecology (Mission)

With the theme of ecology V2_ puts the dynamics of the interaction between living and non-living things right at the center of its research in 2013 and 2014.

Susan Costabile

Susan Costabile (US) is is a photographer and video artist.

Critical Ecosystems

Seminar at DEAF07 about ecology and technology.

Test_Lab: Summer Sessions 2011

New artworks by Kasia Molga, Julie Legault, Xiaowen Zhu, E-textile Workspace, Jelle Valk and Olav Huizer, developed at V2_ during this year's Summer Sessions. ...


"Protei" is a fleet of sailing drones, developed primarily to collect oil spills.

Protei Team Introduction

We are very proud to introduce the team of engineers, designers and collaborators who will work on the development of Protei 006 during summer 2011, here at ...

Toasting a toaster

During "Test_Lab: What Crisis?!" Thomas Thwaites presented "The Toaster Project" that man from the iron age could make a toaster (if they would ever have felt ...

V2_ Official Partner Open_Sailing

V2_ is now an official partner of Open_Sailing, the team building the International-Ocean-Station prototype.

Vertical Irrigation System - second variation

Installation of an autonomous irrigation system can bring barren places in the city back to life, with no tending needed after installation.

The Politics of the Impure

The Politics of The Impure is an explicit attempt to create a new creation myth – one of a wilderness that is not pure but technological.

Action Plant

Action Plant (2010) is a work by Ivan Henriques. It is a speculative proposal to empower threatened species of plants with the ability to flee from their ...

The World in a Shell

"The World in a Shell" Hans Kalliwoda is a high-tech autarkic container, a mobile laboratory and living unit that can unfold itself like a shell. It started a ...

The Toaster Project

The Toaster Project (2009) is Thomas Thwaites' attempt to build a toaster from scratch.

Autonomous Space Solutions

Interview with Hans Kalliwoda about 'The World in a Shell', by Arie Altena.

Ion Sorvin

Ion Sørvin (DK) is co-founder of the art collective N55.

Ivan Henriques

Ivan Henriques (BR) is an artist and independent researcher.

Michiko Nitta

Michiko Nitta (JP/UK) developed the Extreme Green Guerrillas project.

Carles Tardio Pi

Carles Tardío Pi (ES) is interested in many aspects related to ecology.

Action Plant

Action Plant explores a speculative proposal to empower threatened species of plants with the ability to flee from their aggressors.

Explorations of Ecological Autarky in Art, Design, and Science

Paper by Michel van Dartel and Anne Nigten presented at ISEA 2013, Sydney.

Delicate Balance

'Delicate Balance' (1995) is an interactive installation by Ken Rinaldo.

Zacharias Kunuk

Zacharias Kunuk (Inuit/CA) is a filmmaker, artist, and hunter.

Oil Compass

"Oil Compass" (2011) is an interactive data visualization tool developed by Kasia Molga (UK), co-produced by V2_Lab.


"Perm" is an interactive abstract film by Ulf Langheinrich. It was shown as part of the iCinema program of DEAF04.

mycoremediating biodegradable closed ecological system

the 'mycoremediating biodegradable closed ecological system' is a work by Jos Volkers.


WOOF & WOW is a project by Gaspard Bos and Charlot Boonekamp.

Michel van Dartel at ISEA and Balance-Unbalance

In June 2013 V2_'s Michel van Dartel gives two presentations titled 'Towards Ecological Autarky' in Australia.
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