Welcome to V2_’s new website! Our designers, programmers, archivists and web editors have been working hard on the new site over the past few months. It will keep you up to date on V2_’s public programs, activities in the Lab, workshops, new books – in short, all the V2_ news and what’s happening in the field of electronic art.

We’re live now, but we’re not finished. In fact, what you see at present is only the tip of the iceberg. Over the next few years, we will work to further develop and unlock V2_’s online archive. More than 26 years of activities at V2_ have generated a treasure trove of information and documentation. The archive contains essays by artists, works of art, publications, articles, photographs, digital videos, and more.  In this new online environment, we have seized the opportunity to link programs and activities automatically to the archive. New activities are hereby immediately placed in an increasingly rich context, which will make the site attractive to researchers and other interested parties and give visitors an impression of a quarter century of electronic art.    

Do you have questions or comments about the new site, or have you encountered a bug? Then please contact us.

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V2_Archive Presents at DISH2009 Conference V2_Archive Presents at DISH2009 Conference

On December 9th 2009, Arie Altena and Rui Guerra present V2_'s archive approach at "Digital ...

David Jonas Marinho Neves Castanheira

David Jonas Marinho Neves Castanheira (PT) is a Software Developer and Engineer.

Publishing and disclosure systems

On the technical and practical realizations within the research project Capturing Unstable Media, ...

Description models for unstable media art

Deliverables on metadata issues for Capturing Unstable Media. Includes metadata for interaction, ...

Alessandro del Gallo

Alessandro del Gallo (IT) is a developer.

The PatchingZone Information Event Oct 24, 2007 08:30 PM

First presentation of The PatchingZone, with an introduction to future projects.

About the Archive

V2_'s archive documents the history of V2_ Organisation and its activities since 1981.

Presentation for the Unstable Media Mar 14, 1992

The ten-year anniversary of V2_ was celebrated with the launch of the "Book for the Unstable Media" ...

V2_ Themes

Some descriptions of research themes from the past of V2_ and V2_lab.

Tools & Creators Nov 28, 2003 02:00 PM

A workshop that examines the tools available for the creation of interactive and non-linear media, ...

DEAF_00 Digital Dive - Online Archives Nov 15, 2000 03:00 PM

A closed workshop about online archives, part of DEAF00 (2000).

Rui Guerra

Rui Guerra (PT/NL) is the founder of I₦TK.


The goal of the CLOSER project is to bring audiovisual archives in a more direct relationship with ...

Documentation and capturing methods for unstable media arts

Main deliverable of Capturing Unstable Media, on strategies for 'capturing unstable media' and the ...

Capturing Unstable Media

Capturing Unstable Media was a research project conducted by V2_ in 2003 on archiving and ...

aRt&D (Introduction)

Introduction of idea of Artistic Research and Development, from the publication "aRt&D" (2005).

more ...
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