Interested in an internship in the V2_ Lab or the PR, organization or production department?

In case you are interested in assisting the V2_lab in creating, producing, promoting, or administrating media art, you might want to apply for an internship.



You must be a current student in higher education at a university or academy in or outside the Netherlands. Students with a genuine interest in media, art and technology will be considered whether or not they are studying in this field. 


We encourage you to send in your V2_ internship application in English by using the online application form.

Financial Compensation

For a full time internship we pay a small financial endorsement following our international standard regulations.  

Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship 

Students from the EU undertaking internships at V2_ can apply for the Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship, offered by the European Union. In addition to financial support, you can also apply for a language preparation course grant and reimbursement of travel expenses. You must undertake an internship of at least three months to be eligible for a scholarship. Contact your university’s international office for more information about the Leonardo internship scholarships and how to apply.

Go to the online application form.


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