In these collections, various authors and artists from different disciplines are brought together around a current sociocultural theme. Producing part of each book in interview form allows us to play an explicitly active role in generating cross-fertilization between relevant disciplines – in which there is often little awareness of what is being done elsewhere around the same theme – so that new ideas can arise.

The Politics of the Impure

The Politics of The Impure is an explicit attempt to create a new creation myth – one of a ...

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Collection of essays on the merging of the biological with the technological.

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Machine Times

"Machine Times" is a collection of essays, interviews and art projects that explores the ...

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Interact or Die!

"Interact or Die!" contains a series of interviews with leading biologists in the field of ...

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Feelings Are Always Local

"Feelings Are Always Local" analyzes the ways in which networks organize, expand and rearrange ...

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Vital Beauty

"Vital Beauty: Reclaiming Aesthetics in the Tangle of Technology and Nature" focuses on the ...

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Information Is Alive

Collection of essays from all kinds of disciplines that study archives in a paleontological, ...

Interfacing Realities

"Interfacing Realities" in the form of a hypertext on paper covers the mid-1990s questions about ...

Giving and Taking, Antidotes to a Culture of Greed

'Giving and Taking, Antidotes to a Culture of Greed' is a collective effort to establish the ...

The Art of the Accident

Collection of essays stating that the concept of “accident” contains not just the idea that ...


"TransUrbanism" is a collection of essays and interviews about urbanism in a time of global ...

Book for the Unstable Media

In "Book for the Unstable Media" artists and scientists involved in media art ask themselves the ...

The War of Appearances: Transparency, Opacity, Radiance

"The War of Appearances: Transparency, Opacity, Radiance" is a collection of essays edited by Joke ...

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