Real Projects for Real People Volume 1

Real Projects for Real People Volume 1 is a reflection on the work of The Patching Zone.

Real Projects for Real People Volume 1 is a reflection on the work of The Patching Zone, a transdisciplinary media laboratory based in Rotterdam where students, young professionals and experts from different backgrounds build a shared practice. 

In Real Projects for Real People Volume 1 the authors take us on a rich journey of practice lead research and development that is grouped around four projects that were developed in The Patching Zone’s first two years (2008-2010). It highlights the theory and research approach that were applied; the outcomes are illustrated by the team members’ contributions through photo-essays, papers, design sketches and interviews with the stakeholders. Real Projects for Real People Volume 1 is especially relevant for researchers, scholars, makers and educators who are interested in a collaborative practice in the field of creative industry and technology. 

Foreword by Alex Adriaansens, director of V2_, Rotterdam, with  contributions by; Anne Nigten (NL), Kristina Andersen (DK/NL), Matthew Fuller (UK), Sam Nemeth (NL), Andreas.Muk.Haider (AT), Andreas Zingerle (AT),Christopher Baronavski (US), Corinna Pape (DE), Georgios Papadakis (GR), Javier Busturia(ES), Jelle Dekker (NL), Jingni Wang (CN), Mirella Misi (BR), Nancy Mauro-Flude (AU), Pinar Temiz (TR), Rene Wassenburg (NL), Ricardo Nascimento (BR), Sietse Dols (NL), Simon de Bakker (NL), Vivian Wenli Lin (TW/US). Graphic Design: Corien Bos and Madi Kolpa. Copy editing: Lyndsey Housden

About the editor:  Dr. Anne Nigten frequently publishes and lectures on transdisciplinary collaboration in the creative sector. The Patching Zone follows the outcomes of her PhD thesis ‘Processpatching, Defining new Methods in aRt&D’ (2006). Prior to her current position as director of The Patching Zone, she was the manager of the V2_Lab in Rotterdam. 

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