Collection of essays on the merging of the biological with the technological.


With: Louis Bec, Kerstin Dautenhahn, Stefaan Decostere, Manuel DeLanda, Mark Dery, Jozef Keulartz, Knowbotic Research, Detlef Linke, Humberto Maturana, Wim Nijenhuis, Lars Spuybroek, Stelarc, Gerburg Treusch-Dieter, Paul Virilio.

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Will technomorphization – the reorganization of the organic based on the intelligent machine model – become the dominant process of our age? Has evolution entered a technological scientific phase in which humans no longer develop in natural ways, in which the human body instead adapts itself to the parameters of a technological era?

In this book, fourteen internationally acclaimed authors give their views on this blurring of borders and the fusion of the biological with the technological. It offers ideas on angels and robots, viruses and mad cows, a world where machines are anthromorphized and humans technomorphized. If the glare of our monitors is all that illuminates us, is it time to build a museum for the sun?


“A body capable of incorporating movement that from moment to moment would be a pure machinic motion performed with neither memory nor desire ...”



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