Understanding Media Theory

Arjen Mulder makes media theory understandable by discussing all the concepts, approaches and areas of interest through concrete examples and experiences.

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Understanding Media Theory describes the ways in which our means of communication determine what and who we are, how we behave, what we do and do not think about, how our feelings develop and are limited, and who we can and cannot reach. 

It offers an explanation for practically everything we think, do and experience in the world. This explosive body of thought has been developed by various authors around the world over the past fifty years, but there has been no synthesis of their ideas until now.

Understanding Media Theory provides one. Rather than summarizing the work of previous authors, Arjen Mulder makes media theory understandable by discussing all its important concepts, approaches and areas of interest through concrete examples and experiences. The book therefore remains clear and accessible, even when addressing complex subjects such as the history of the use of language, artistic methods, and the unconscious ways in which we allow ourselves to be influenced by media in the information society.




Media Theory: The New Science

General Media Theory:

- Introduction

- Communication

- Remediation

Historical Media Theory:

- Introduction

- Spoken Language

- Written Language

- Printed Language

- Typed language

Practical Media Theory:

- Introduction

- Situations and "The Media"

- Analog and Digital Consciousness

- The Virtual Object of Interactive Art

- From Media to Software Theory





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