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Mutant Data Orchestra

The Mutant Data Orchestra is John and Mark Bain.

Captain Video

Captain Video is a collective interested in (live) video and film productions.


Semiconductor is artist duo Ruth Jarman & Joseph Gerhardt (UK).


eye is musician, artist and singer.


SLP is a project, composed of four different Frankfurt-based groups.


P16.D4 was an 80s German band.


S.B.O.T.H.I. is the German one-man collective of Achim Wollscheid.

Lt. Caramel

Lt. Caramel is Philippe Blanchard.


Westerplatte is the alias of Mateusz Herczka.

Ad!dict Creative Lab (B)

Van Gogh TV

The producers' group Ponton/Van Gogh TV uses mass media technology to engage the user.

Mouse on Mars

Mouse on Mars (DE) are Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma.


S.S.S. (Sensors Sonics Sights) is the trio consisting of Atau Tanaka, Cecile Babiole and Laurent Dailleau.


lfoundation is Peter Luining (NL).

Leonardo / OLATS

Leonardo / OLATS is a French publication by the Leonardo/ISAST group.


freiband is a project by Frans de Waard (NL).

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

EFF: Defending your rights in the digital world

Demers & Vorn

Demers & Vorn is a Canadian artist duo collaborating on large-scale robotic installations.

Baltan Laboratories

Baltan Laboratories is a lab for innovative research and development in art, technology and culture.

Het Nieuwe Instituut

Het Nieuwe Instituut, or The New Institute is an organization for E-culture, Architecture, and Design.


BMB Con are Justin Bennett, Willem 't Hooft and Roelf Toxopeus.

Starfish pool

Starfish pool (1993-2003) was an electronic project by Koen Lybaert (BE).


C3 = Center for Culture and Communication in Budapest, Hungary


Vita is a solo project by Swedish musician Mikael Stavöstrand.

E-Textile Workspace

Dutch-based E-Textile Workspace is a project and reflection for wearable technology.


Barcelona-based artist collective "brings the Internet to the streets."

Kunsthochschule für Medien

The KHM is the Cologne-based Academy of Media Arts.


Superflux is a collaborative design practice that works at the intersection of emerging technologies and everyday life to design for a world in flux.

The People Speak

The British art collective "The People Speak" aims to provide tools for the world to take over itself.
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