V2_35 Years

In september 2017 V2_ existed 35 years: 35 years of unstable media, electronic arts, interactive installations and artistic involvement with new technologies. During the coming year we will celebrate and look back on our history with our community. We will do this with a string of public events.

In 1982 V2_ started as an artist initiative in a squatted building at the Vughterstraat 234 in Den Bosch. The building became colloquially known as V2, and in September 1982 an event with video art and performances of experimental punk music was announced under the name V2. This was the official birth of V2_. Over the following years V2_ became a multimedia organization which grew into a center for art and media technology. In 1994 V2_ moved to the Eendrachtsstraat in Rotterdam where it continues to  produce, present, and publish research at the interface of art, technology and society, and offers a platform for artists, designers, scientists, researchers, theorists, and developers of software and hardware to discuss their work and share their findings.

Machine Art in the Twentieth Century

We kicked of this festive year with the presentation of Andreas Broeckmann's book 'Machine Art in the Twentieth Century', on the 27th of September, The subject matter of the book is tightly interwoven with the history of V2_. Art historian and curator Broeckmann also had a big influence on V2_ during our early, formative years. The evening included performances, debate and cocktails.

More events celebrating 35 years of V2_ will be announced.

V2_ through the years

Want to know more about the history of V2_? V2_'s archive documents the history of V2_ and its activities since 1981. It contains documentation about events, people, organisations and artworks, and includes essays, interviews and publications that have played a role in V2_'s history.

Click here to read a brief history of V2_ or visit our entire archive.

If you read Dutch, the text 35 jaar V2_, 35 jaar instabiele media, based on an extensive interview with Alex Adriaansens and Joke Brouwer, details the development of V2_.
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