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A report that highlights the contribution of V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media to the CRISP Smart Textile Services project in Rotterdam, 2012.

The Smart Textile Services (STS) project is about the development of successful methods, platforms, guiding principles and the business models required to understand the multi­disciplinary oppor­tunities and challenges of creating Smart Textile Product Service Systems. Innovation in the form of the combination of soft materials with high technology has led to the development of so­called Smart Textiles. These are of strategic importance for the European textile industry to sustain their competitive edge and to  counter threats from low­labour cost producers. Smart Textiles can conduct light, heat or currents; i.e. the textile becomes an interactive product and can now become part of larger product service systems (PSS). This opens up a vast field of opportunities for textile developers and product and service designers to combine their disciplines in the application areas of well being and life style. To develop these complex PSS solutions, manu­facturers need to move away from their current fragmented, slow or non­existent knowledge exchange methods and team up with relevant partners. Initial investment in this field has led to the design and development of an inspirational test­bed, called ‘Wearable Senses’ at TU/e.

The Creative Industry Scientific Programme de­velops a knowledge infrastructure which consoli­dates the leadership position and stimulates the continuing growth of the Dutch Design Sector and Creative Industries. CRISP focuses on the design of Product Service Systems, generating and disseminating the know­ledge, tools and methods necessary for designing complex combinations of intelligent products and services with a high experience factor. CRISP is funded by Dutch government FES fun­ding and a consortium of scientific and industrial partners.

Download a PDF of the brochure which details the research.

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