Biodiversity in the Port of Rotterdam

Biodiversity in the Port of Rotterdam is a project bij Mark IJzerman, for his STARTS4Water residency hosted by V2_.


“I will be working on a project taking the Australian tube worm as a starting point- a small species which is becoming more common as the waters are warming up because of our climate emergency. It is often seen as a pest as their reefs form on ships and can block infrastructures everywhere in the Netherlands, from the Amsterdam Canals to the Port of Rotterdam. I can’t wait to start working with other professionals on exploring future scenarios of these species and on the biodiversity in the Rotterdam port!”.

Mark IJzerman is an interdisciplinary artist working on the intersection of ecology and media art. IJzerman uses digital technologies to create processes that have their own agency, to make works creating intimacy between us and the other-than-human. His work is always informed by field research as well as working with other professionals. He has performed his A/V works at various media art festivals around Europe (Rewire Festival, Transmediale/CTM Vorspiel, FIBER Festival, Mapping Festival) and has most recently exhibited works at MU in Eindhoven, Art Center Nabi in Seoul, _V2 in Rotterdam, and at the European Space Agency. IJzerman is a tutor at Ecology Futures MA at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures in Den Bosch, where together with his students he looks at how sensory technologies can be used to address climate emergency through experiential projects. He is a part of the new media collective Zesbaans and runs the sound art blog Everyday Listening.

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