Bloggers on Tweet Bubble Series

Selection of links to blog posts on the Tweet Bubble Series by Aram Bartholl.

"This is pretty awesome. A whole series of inventions were made during the three months at The Institute for the Unstable Media in the Netherlands. One of which in the series called “Tweet Bubble” is a shirt and software combination that shows off your tweets in real life. There are plenty of other awesome inventions in this series as well, Paper Tweets, Classic Tweets and more. This is a must check out if you are a huge Twitter fan."

Jun 29, 2009 Hell Yeah Dude  




"If you’re not content with broadcasting your latest blog-post, obsession, or 140-character sluice of brain-diarrhea to your Twitter followers, V2_ Lab’s Pocket Tweets can help you take those messages into the real world. Their Java app displays your latest tweet on your cellphone; cut a speech bubble into your pocket and you can happily parade around inviting people to read your chest."

Wednesday, Jul 1st 2009 by Chris Davies  




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