Datawolk Hoeksche Waard winner Dutch National Millennium Competition

Report about Datawolk Hoeksche Waard by ArchiNed and V2_Lab which won the Dutch National Millennium Competition in 2000.

The Datawolk Hoeksche Waard has won the Dutch National Millennium Competition in the class 'Science' for Architecture and Industrial Design. Receiving an amount of 100,000 Guilders, the prize will assist in/boost the future development of the knowledge map/browser 'Datacloud'.

The Datawolk Hoeksche Waard is developed by ArchiNed and V2_Lab in 1998 and 1999. It was devised within the scope of the project AIR - Architecture International Rotterdam, Southbound. Piet Vollaard (ArchiNed) received the prize on November 23rd 2000 with attendance of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science L.M.L.H.A. Hermans and the Minister for Economic Affairs, A. Jorritsma-Lebbink at the parliamentary buildings of The Hague.

The Datawolk Hoeksche Waard is an Internet environment that functions as an experimental 'knowledge map': the latter provides an understanding and visualisation of dynamical processes in information. Integrated into a fuzzy search engine, visitors of the Datacloud may add information to the site - photos, texts, audio and video fragments. In so doing, the datacloud becomes an interactive platform on which visitors may discuss the theme around which the growing collection of information hybridizes. All objects of information are interconnected and accumulate as visitors may react and add their personal view and experience to the growing cloud of interpretations and knowledgeable data.

The assignment for the National Millennium Competition was: "Devise an innovative project in which the cohesion between culture, entrepreneurship and science surfaces, developing content which concerns the Netherlands in the new millennium."

Datawolk Hoeksche Waard was one of the eight winners of the National Millennium Competition.
Datawolk Hoeksche Waard (DWHW) was completely on-line between autumn 1998 and summer 1999, supported by a fast server.

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