Description models for unstable media art

Deliverables on metadata issues for Capturing Unstable Media. Includes metadata for interaction, thesauri, distributed authorship, software and hardware interdependencies.

Metadata models for electronic art

As demonstrated in Deliverable 1.1, many different data models exist for the description of the practice of electronic art. Every electronic art center or institution that maintains a database for archival purposes, has applied a different data model depending on its goals and mission, availability of financial means and personnel and the relative importance attached to the archival project within the institution as a whole. Setting up and maintaining an archive has only recently become a priority in the very young field of electronic art; in terms of standardization, a lot of work still needs to be done. V2_Archive has, since its inception in 2000, served as an international example for other archival projects in the field of unstable media art. V2_ has developed an unconventional description model for its archive, using an object-relation instead of a record-based approach. This results in an unusual perspective on metadata; single objects in the archive are described in an atomic way and can become metadata for other objects by establishing interrelations between them.

Download the complete text: 1_3_metadata.pdf

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