Documentation and capturing methods for unstable media arts

Main deliverable of Capturing Unstable Media, on strategies for 'capturing unstable media' and the Capturing Unstable Media Conceptual Model (CMCM).




A. Objectives of this deliverable
In Deliverable 1.1 several approaches for the preservation of unstable media art have been  outlined. In this Deliverable, V2_ proposes its own approach, coined 'capturing' (see chapter  2.3). After describing the scope of this term in chapter 2, we outline capturing strategies for different kinds of electronic art activities and their associated documentation in chapter 3. In chapter 4, V2_ proposes a formal modeling of essential aspects of electronic art activities, the Capturing Unstable Media Conceptual Model (CMCM). Chapter 5 outlines some general ideas on establishing and maintaining a digital media archive consisting of documentation; in chapter 6, research results from this Deliverable are summarized in a short list of recommendations.

For this research we selected eight different historical cases (electronic art projects, see table 1. below and Deliverable 1.4) from the V2_Archive plus two current case studies from the V2_Lab – the latter being the main case studies of this research project. With respect to the historical cases, we selected one project a year, to cover for the whole range of electronic art activities, which took place at V2_ for the period from 1993 till 2001. Because V2_ assigns a different theme to each year, the diversity in projects was guaranteed, varying from a robotic exhibition and performance (The Ancestral Path) to a piece of artistic software stored and distributed on a CD-ROM (OSS/***). See Deliverable 1.4 for further details on  these projects and the methods of analysis and evaluation of documentation.

Download the complete chapter: 1_2_capturing.pdf

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