Fashioning The Future: tomorrow’s wardrobe

Presentation synopsis by Suzanne Lee, during "Test_Lab: Fleshing Out."

New technologies are emerging which offer potentially exciting new visions for textiles and fashion. Creative projects are embracing technologies such as smart textiles, rapid manufacture, even biotechnology. New materials and methods will challenge design, manufacture, distribution and consumption. The notion of what a product can be, how it is made, whom it is for and our relationship to it is changing significantly. Designers are asking how technology can entertain or provoke, connect or protect - how can we enhance people’s experience of a product, their relationships with each other or the world around them? Fashion has played little part so far in this dialogue but potentially offers the opportunity to make ideas mainstream and cause a shift in behaviour. This talk will map out some key areas/projects and point to how tomorrow’s wardrobe may differ from today’s.

Fleshing Out:
"Grow Your Own" Workshop

I will be presenting the first steps in BioCouture, a project uniting fashion and biotechnology using biocellulose to (ultimately) grow clothing. I will discuss the research background and project issues showing early material samples and a prototype garment. Though not subject to the same ethical issues as other biotech projects it hopefully raises some interesting questions with regard to the design, production and consumption of textiles/fashion. This is the first public discussion of the work in progress – an exhibition of the finished project will take place later in 2007.

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