Free access to PDFs

We're giving free access to research that we think is of particular relevance to the current situation.

First of all, we've made the PDF of To Mind is to Care freely available.

This book is edited by Joke Brouwer & Sjoerd van Tuinen, and proposes ethico-aesthetical models of care, in which science does not search for deterministic outcomes, technology does not lead to abandonment, politics does not induce indifference, and art is not marginalized. Andreas Broeckmann wrote on nettime (23 March 2020): 'On the question of "care", which he [Agamben] importantly raises, I have greatly benefited from reading the essays in To Mind Is to Care, published by V2_ in Rotterdam last year (disclaimer: former colleagues of mine).'

We also selected two pieces from Feelings Are Always Local:
An interview with Arjun Appadurai: Minorities and the Production of Daily Peace: PDF, and Alexander Galloway/Eugene Thacker's essay In Defiance of Existence: Notes on Networks, Control and Life Forms: PDF

Of interest to the current situation are also two pieces from the end of the 1990s, both of which were published in The Art of the Accident (1998). An interview with Paul Virilio: Surfing the Accident (by Andreas Ruby); and a fax-interview (yes, fax) with Humberto Maturana: We Living Systems (by Arjen Mulder). (Please note, both are HTML, not PDFs).

We've also added a seperate PDF of Ryszard Kapuściński text 'These People, Where Are They?' which was published in Information is Alive (2003).

Most of our books that have sold out are available for free either as PDF or as seperate HTML-articles; see for instance this collection. Next to that there's a good amount of free epubs, and a lot of seperate essays, articles and interviews.

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