Hidden Track: report

A report by Martijn Stevens on the "Hidden Track" bus tour by e-Xplo, during DEAF03.

Hidden Track is a bus that contains a multimedia installation. e-Xplo, the collective that created Hidden Track composed a 'film score' to accompany the view from the bus window - a score that consists of music made by the artists themselves, sometimes inspired by books, films and such. Certain sites the Hidden Track bus passes on its way are connected to fragments of the score e-Xplo created.

Through GPS the whereabouts of the bus are located. By passing one of the sites that are marked in the score, certain fragments are triggered and start playing. The bus will be filled with music, all kinds of sounds or a woman's voice contemplating visual culture, architecture, the meaning of places, memory and present/past/future. These fragments are inspired by the bus' environment: for instance, when it moves through a harbor passengers hear the sounds of water and gulls. The score is also influenced by the speed or acceleration of the bus.

by Martijn Stevens, 2003.

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