Im/Materials is the title of the research trajectory of V2_Fellow Andreas Broeckmann

In the context of his fellowship with the V2_ Lab, Andreas Broeckmann (Berlin) will conduct research into questions of materiality and the ways in which these questions have changed, or not, since they were asked by Jean-François Lyotard, Thierry Chaput and others on the occasion of the 1985 exhibition, Les Immatériaux.

The research trajectory combines artistic, techno-scientific and philosophical approaches to the question of materiality. It critically engages with the apparent 'dissolution' and virtualisation of achieved notions of materiality, and it will investigate how artistic approaches to conceiving materials differently are not only changing an understanding of objects, bodies, and stuff, but also of the way in which they are organised - infrastructurally, socially, politically.

The research trajectory takes its cue from the exhibition project Les Immatériaux (Paris, 1985) which presented artistic, scientific and technological objects in a conceptual framework set by the philosopher Jean-François Lyotard; he and the team of the Centre de création industrielle around Thierry Chaput wanted to give a vision of how the understanding of materiality, of the body, of language and memory were changing as a result of recent scientific and technological developments.

Also see Yuk Hui and Andreas Broeckmann: 30 Years After Les Immatériaux: Art, Science and Theory (open access).

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