Innovation in Extreme Scenarios (ebook)

The ebook 'Innovation in Extreme Scenarios' is the result of a week-long booksprint which took place in Aalborg at the end of November 2013.

Working together for five days, a team of contributors wrote the original content for the e-book covering topics from 3D printing, robot aesthetics, to modernity, and their relation to the overall topic of Innovation in Extreme Scenarios.

The contributors are Stahl Stenslie, Boris Debackere, Michelle Kasprzak, Carsten Friberg, Jakob Sabra, Andreas Eggertsen, Jurij Krpan, and Elizabeth Jochum.

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Introduction: Innovation in Extreme Scenarios

Part One: Context

Carsten Friberg: Extreme Modernity, An Attempt at a Philosophical Reflection of an Anatomy of Contemporary Crisis

Part Two: Case Studies and Examples

Insular Technologies (Jurij Krpan)
Plumpy'NutTM (Michelle Kasprzak)
Hexayurt (Andreas Eggertsen)
Black Swan (Elizabeth Jochum)
New Materialism (Stahl Stenslie)
Good Club, Bad Club (Jakob Sabra)

Part Three: Sources



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