Joke Brouwer - Expo - Antwerpen 83

Self-published catalogue of two exhibitions by Joke Brouwer in 1983

A catalogue of two exhibitions of Joke Brouwer. Beroof een bank (with Alex Adriaansens) in Den Bosch, 30-4-1983 till 12-5-1983, and Vom Ende der Eiszeit at Club Moral in Antwerp.

Hardcover, black and white photocopies, put together as a sort of leporello, stored in a cassette. Mostly photocopies of photos of the work as it was exhibited, plus information and a short text on the exhibition Vom Ende der Eiszeit at Club Moral in Antwerp. In the cassette are also several photos.

Original from Joke Brouwer. Physical copy is stored at V2_archive.

Scanned PDF

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