Outer Space as Extreme Scenario (Blowup Reader 7)

In this eBook, a range of specially-commissioned and previously published pieces have been collected which investigate how the exploration of outer space has inspired and challenged artists, designers, thinkers, and the general public. (Free download)

This eBook, the seventh in the series of Blowup Readers released by V2_, explores the extreme scenario that is outer space. It forms part of the ongoing research into Innovation in Extreme Scenarios carried out by V2_Lab.

Download links:

Outer Space as Extreme Scenario EPUB (for use with eBook readers and Android devices. Not advised for use with Apple devices).

Outer Space as Extreme Scenario PDF (for use with all devices).

Table of contents:

Introduction by Michelle Kasprzak

Maximum Jailbreak by Benedict Singleton

The Conquest of Space in the Time of Power by the Bureau of Public Secrets

Het Ruimteschip by Dirk van Weelden (Dutch, English introduction and postscript by Arjen Mulder)

An Interview with Angelo Vermeulen by Michelle Kasprzak

Extent of Exposure -- Risk in Space and Space Analogues by Regina Peldszus and Alex Salam

An Interview with Kodwo Eshun by Geert Lovink

Paper Moon by Ilona Gaynor in collaboration with Craig Sinnamon

Disaster Playground by Nelly Ben Hayoun

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