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On the technical and practical realizations within the research project Capturing Unstable Media, including an online portal for V2_Archive.


V2_Archive – online portal

In the summer of 2003, V2_Archive has launched its public online archive portal. The new archive portal was built in continuation of the website for the DEAF03 festival, which already offered a 'sneak peek' at V2_'s archive content.

The archive portal offers a public view on the documentation and context of V2_'s activities from 1993 till present, including people, organizations, artworks and events that have played a role in V2_'s history; documentation includes a collection of about 15,000 photographs and a growing number of digitalized video fragments, in addition to a large number of texts, images and links. The information visible in the archive portal is only a portion of the data available in V2_'s archive database; large parts of this data collection are still available for private use only.

The interface of the archive portal was designed for a general audience; specific interfaces for alternative visualization and mapping, and for selected target groups, will be researched in the future. 

Download the complete text: 2_2_publishing.pdf

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