Reading (as) Bodies

The exhibition text for Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec's 'Reading (as) Bodies (2020).

Reading (as) Bodies (2020)

Text, sound, custom software, modified wireless speakers, digital positioning system.

Reading (as) Bodies is a spatial intervention, responsive sound installation and performative setting emphasizing the notion of written text as a graphic territory and the act of reading as a bodily movement. Using tracing technology and digital sound synthesis the installation accommodates a situation where visitors bodily inhabit the graphic representation and sonic manifestation of written text simultaneously through the processes of magnification, movement and slowing down. This situation disrupts the practice of reading and unsettles the established relations between body, text, voice, movement, space and hearing, setting the ground for interpretative community of bodies to emerge.

The installation creates a situation where the stepping bodies inhabit, embody and navigate through the phonic substance of voiced speech that is spatially inscribed in the graphic territories of the written text. Moving through this charged space of encounters they are bodily occupying the stretched temporal interval in between sensing and making sense.

As a part of the presentation at V2_ ensemble MAZE will inhabit and explore the installation as a performative setting.

Reading (as) Bodies is a part of artistic research project Reading Reading (2017-).

The research project is a manifestation of the various ways to capture, embody and unsettle the temporal relations that unfold between the written text, eye movement, and the (inner) voice while reading. By altering ocular desire and stretching the time between sensing and making sense, the series of works provides an acoustic, poetic and critical opening to reading as a sub-cognitive activity.

Reading Reading is about how the reader moves through the written text as the text moves through them, capturing and stretching the temporality just before the text is activated into meaning, and before the reader’s subjectivity is shaped by the encounter with the text. The time before the view, the time before making sense, the time before speech-voice

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (SI/NL) is Amsterdam-based artist with a particular focus in sound, new media, real-time interaction, and questions of contemporary mediation in relation to the sense of (bodily) presence. His work consists of spatial and sound installations, events and interventions.

Amsterdam-based ensemble MAZE is dedicated to performing music that challenges the idea of fixed form and fixed listening perspectives. They work with pioneering composers to develop open scores, hybrid notations and performances.


Software development by Darien Brito with Giuliano Anzani

The project is co-produced by Zavod Projekt Atol – Ljubljana and Zavod Sploh – Ljubljana, with support by v2_Lab for unstable media – Rotterdam.

Supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, Mondriaan Fund, Ministry of Culture of Republic Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana.



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