Replay: V2_East Newsletter Compilation

Collection of V2_East newsletters from 1996 - 1997, as published in the Deep Europe Reader, compiled by Andreas Broeckmann and Inke Arns.

V2_East Newsletter 96/01

Date: 27 Jan 1997 15:15:03 +0100
To: over thirty participants of the first V2_East Meeting
From: Andreas Broeckmann abroeck@v2.nl
Subject: V2_East Newsletter 96/01

Report of the first V2_East Meeting, Rotterdam 21 January 1996

At the end of the Next 5 Minutes: Tactical Media conference, 30 media artists, curators and networkers from thirteen different European countries met at V2_Organisation in Rotterdam to launch a new initiative, V2_East.


After a few welcoming words and an introduction by Alex Adriaansens on the history and current work of V2, Andreas Broeckmann briefly outlined the V2_East initiative. It is meant to become a research tool and a networking facility in the field of art and media technology in Eastern Europe, both with Western partners and within Eastern Europe. For V2 – as for all the other partners – V2_East should be a way of developing new contacts and projects. The aim of V2_East is therefore not restricted to triggering projects for V2, but to provide a platform from which cooperations between all institutions involved in media art can develop.

There are important cultural, political and historical reasons for the focus that the initiative takes on East and West European relations – the East European countries share a structurally similar set of problems which should be tackled on an international scale. At the same time, there is a great demand for developing the ties within the European media art community across the defunct, yet still partially existing Cold War divide. Initially, V2 is offering space on its Internet server to build up a site where information about European media art projects and institutions can be collected and made available. In a second, future step, V2 wants to start up a workshop programme in the course of which artists will be invited to come and work in Rotterdam. For its programmes and ongoing projects (like the Dutch Electronic Art Festival, DEAF) V2 will make extra efforts to include East European artists.

The participants of the meeting introduced themselves and gave a brief personal assessment of the situation of media art. After a discussion of different practical and theoretical problems, and about the rationale of the V2_East initiative, we put together a "shopping list" of the crucial points that have to be tackled at present. (They will here be summarised and reorganised:)

*Access and connectivity*

There is a set of general problems related esp. to Internet access and connectivity which exist everywhere and which often have to be solved locally, although support from the translocal network is generally very helpful. It will be important to create an inventory of independent local and regional networks in the different countries that might be available to artists. A question that was raised in the discussion was the role that the internet should have, both as an artistic medium and as a communication and information carrier for the V2_East initiative. There appears to be no real alternative to the efficiency that the Net offers at the moment, although the medium clearly has its limitations.

*Existing networks and data bases*

V2_East is just one in a series of attempts to reconnect artist communities in East and West Europe after '1989'. Existing networks and data bases (e.g. Gulliver Clearing House/Amsterdam, Third Eye/Glasgow, HILUS/Wien, Soros Centres) should be used and linked, and possibly used as models. Our aim is to enhance our abilities for cooperating by establishing our own networked structure in Eastern Europe.

The initiative has three main vectors: exchange of information, organising the network, initiating projects. Especially the first two points depend on our commitment to provide information and make our own knowledge and research available. Collectively we already know an incredible amount of stuff, we should now find ways of making it generally available.

*1. Exchange of information*

(This will initially happen on the website http://www.v2.nl/east/, although we must also think about other channels and carriers, incl. books and e-mailings.)

*2. Organising the V2_East network*

The exchange of information will form the basis for us to forge new links with people working in media art in order to make it easier to show each others work in East and West, to exchange events, and to find likeminded people for collaborative projects. In order to strengthen the network it will also be important to open up one or more discussion groups where practical, theoretical and political issues can be dealt with. We should aim to meet regularly in real life, but it is doubtlessly necessary to carry on the discussion between those meetings.

*3. Initiating projects*

The collaborative projects that can emerge from such a network will be as diverse as anything we are dealing with now. During the meeting, we hardly talked about the aesthetic potentials of our initiative - that is clearly something that depends on individual, heuristic decisions. Yet, especially in this initial phase, such projects should be developed with the great need for education, hardware and knowhow in mind. Artists, curators and other people must be educated as regards the potential of electronic networks and media in general for the arts. As for instance the Interstanding example shows (Tallinn, Nov.95), such projects can have an important function as catalysts and should be planned as such. What is needed is the development of a networking culture in which people learn to think translocally, the creation of a culture of being internationally connected. Calin Dan suggested that we should focus esp. on the younger generation. Hardware and knowhow (technical, theoretical, political) should be made available in workshops (incl. telephone lines, networks, software). Diana McCarty proposed to think about, for instance, mobile units, buses or trucks, which allow for the setting up of mini events and for training people locally, preferably leaving hardware behind. The Media Research Foundation in Budapest is working on a programme for collecting old hardware in the West, upgrading it and redistributing it in Eastern Europe, the main bottleneck at the moment being the problem of transport. What is crucial in all such initiatives is that we exchange and use the experiences of previous projects and both from earlier failures and successes, without forgetting about the specificity of each situation. We should openly display the full diversity of the media, projects and art forms we are dealing with: spread the word, connect, multiply!


Beside the obvious – three comments:

  • find financial support for artists who are working in projects that do not provide salaries
  • enable culturally energetic people to travel and experience; invite people
  • approach sponsors, both for hardware and connectivity, some people have had very good experiences with this


The effectiveness of the V2_East initiative will strongly depend on the degree to which it will be used by the people involved, and on our overall commitment to make this a useful tool. On the one hand, it should be a means through which we can help each other out, work together and support local problem-solving. On the other hand we should team up to be able to speak with greater authority as a collective: we should begin to think of our group, as was suggested, as a form of 'syndicate' that can lobby and exert political pressure. For this aim, an e-mailing list has been installed at the ars electronica centre, Linz/Austria: syndicate@aec.at. E-mail sent here will go to all V2_East partners. (Please, pass the messages on by fax or mail to others who are not on-line.)

The V2_East website will develop at: http://www.v2.nl/east/

Please, send all information you want to put there, incl. homepages, calls, documentations, links, texts, and other info, to: v2east@v2.nl.

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/02

This is the second Syndicate Newsletter (the slight delay was caused by snail mail-commercial provider interference...). In the first sections there is some information about how the list/ network is taking shape. Some people have submitted information for distribution through this channel, and we want to invite everybody to do the same – either by posting stuff directly to syndicate@aec.at, or for inclusion in the next newsletter (no later than end March 96, but earlier if a lot of material comes in) to abroeck@v2.nl. Any information that is of interest to the media art community in East and West Europe, from the dates of your forth-coming events to strategies for winning sponsors and grants, is welcome. Also, the submission of your own FAQs (Frequently asked questions) would be useful. (cf below). The V2_EAST WEBSITE where all this and more information will be collected for reference is under construction. Please, invite other people who might be interested in the Syndicate to subscribe to the list. (subscription info below)

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/03

[...] The DOCUMENTATION MEETING in Rotterdam in September which was first announced a couple of weeks ago is featured again here. The first responses have been very positive and it would be great if you could also send us references to archives, ideas for the themes to be covered by the meeting, and contacts to people who have archival material about media art in Eastern Europe. The benefits of the inventory of such materials which we want to create and make available online are obvious.

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/04

The V2_East website is at: http://www.v2.nl/east/

As far as I can see the group of people subscribed to the syndicate list is now around 50, with addresses from most Central and East European countries, as well as from various 'Western' countries, including the US, Germany and the Netherlands. Recently, further people from Latvia, Germany and Poland have joined, and we know that the info gets further distribution through people connected to the list. Hopefully, it will thus continue to help connect and inform about developments in media art – once again, please, continue using the list syndicate@aec.at for posting info that is of interest to the media art community in East and West Europe. Some of you have promised info about their institutions and activities, and I would like to encourage you to write a few sentences – there are a lot of curious people in this growing network who might be future partners for your projects.

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/05

Dear Syndicalists,

everybody seems to be busy with the preparations for the summer and autumn activities, and from the list of upcoming events you can see that September will be a very busy month for many of us. However, it might also give us several opportunities to meet in Real Life and have some fun together. The preparations for the Documentation Meeting are going well and it could now turn into a substantial meeting on the history and present of media art in Eastern Europe. (More info on the current state of things below.) [...]

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/06

Dear Syndicalists,

is there really nothing going on in the months of July and August? Hard to believe, but the first announcements which have reached me are all for September. That'll be a crazy month, but it'll also give us good opportunities to meet, here or there.

The V2_East Documentation Meeting feels like it is going to be a major event for the network, judging from the responses Inke and I have been getting. There are more than twelve proposals from people to talk about the history and current situation of media art in their countries, a list that includes almost all Eastern European countries. I have had tentatively positive responses from the Dutch Foreign Ministry and from the City of Rotterdam, which will probably mean that we will be able to support the travel and accommodation of those people who have sent proposals and who cannot cover those expenses via SCCA, APEX or other funds. I will be in touch with everybody about this individually. Inke and I will also put together the programme for the meeting which is scheduled for 18 and 20 September. It will hopefully be ready in the course of the next weeks. I am not sure how much of the information that has been mailed via the list in the course of the month should be repeated here. I try to take those events which happen in Eastern Europe and more general information, assuming that everybody has seen the individual announcements. Some of this information is available permanently on or via the WWW site: http://www.v2.nl/east/. [...]

V2_East Newsletter 96/09

Dear friends,

just a few lines to thank everybody who participated in the V2_East Meeting for their contributions in the programmes, and for great conversations and atmosphere in the DEAF96 cafe in Lantaren/Venster. And many greetings to those who could not come to Rotterdam for the meeting.

[...] We produced a Reader for the Meeting which has in it the programme schedule, information about the speakers, abstracts of the talks, some texts, a small list of archives and a bibliography. The 70 copies that were made have all been distributed but we can, if there is the demand, produce a few more. As there is no budget money for this, it would be good if we could arrange payment of Hfl.11/DM10 per copy. If things go well, all the material should soon also be available on the V2_East website. I'll keep you posted.

Please, send us material (texts, bibliographic references, information about and addresses of archives, etc.) that you feel would be relevant for developing the information base about media art in Eastern Europe. Inke Arns inke@is.in-berlin.de, who co-organised the meeting, will continue to co-process incoming material.

We should also welcome some new subscribers and thus members of the Syndicate. There are now 85 people on the list. The discussion about the specificity or non-specificity of East European media art that was started here in Rotterdam last week should be continued here. [...]

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/10

Dear Syndicalists,

I wasn't sure whether there was actually much to put into this newsletter, but going through the postings of the last two months it turns out that there are quite a number of interesting events coming up, and the list below is maybe also an encouragement for people to send to the list information about their own planned programmes.

The things that we talked about during the V2_East/Syndicate Meeting in September are summarised in a report that can be found on the Web at http://www.v2.nl/east/archive/report/report9609.html. I can also send it to people who have no web access. It seems that there are a lot of individual initiatives that have come out of that meeting, which is proof of the importance of actually getting together in person, talking and having fun together. There have been two or three suggestions for the next V2_East/Syndicate meetings in 1997, nothing certain, though, and I would like to ask those people who are thinking about organising something to get the info out early so that we can make joint efforts at raising money and bringing as many of us together as possible. [...]

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/11

Dear Syndicalists,

some of us were lucky to meet in Prague at the CoE conference on Culture, Communication and New Media, or at the opening festival of the E-L@b in Riga about which Alise sent a report the other day. The Prague conference was a very curious political event and nobody I have talked to since then could explain to me what it was actually about. What became clear for me is that there is quite a gap between the strategies and policies of the large European organisations and the kind of work that is happening at the level at which most of us are working. There was a lot of interest in this network initiative, but the kind of help that we would need seems far too small to be considered. Plus the fact that we mostly don't have the resources to put together the complex applications that are required by the European bureaucracies.

As regards the content of the conference, I hope to get my own notes on paper in the next days and would be very happy to receive comments from other people as well. The 'art and technology' theme was certainly relevant to what we are doing, but the presentations and discussions seemed very much out of touch with the culture and the politics of our own day-to-day practice as artists, designers, writers and curators using digital media. (And then we are also curious to receive reports, for instance, from Novi Sad, Hamburg, Madrid, Japan, ...)

Many of us are anxiously following the events in Belgrade, where Radio B92 and the rest of the opposition are under attack from the government that does not want to accept last weeks election victory of the opposition parties. After disruptions of the transmissions about the on-going protests against the government, B92 is now putting radio news onto the Net as Real-Audio files. (Check: http://www.xs4all.nl/~opennet) It is another case that shows how art, technology and politics have become inseparable, and how we continuously have to be alert in all these fields. [...]


V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 96/12

Dear Syndicalists,

re-surfacing after the holidays, this Newsletter is relatively slim and contains mainly some announcements for upcoming events. I know that several people are cooking up things at the moment and I guess that by the end of January we will have fuller diaries and the 'Vorfreude' of 'going to meet soon'.

I would particularly like to remind you of the deadlines for three events taking place in April: proposals for 'our' LEAF97 meeting in Liverpool should be in by 10 January, contributions to the Virtual World Orchestra in Glasgow must get there by 20 January, and the deadline for the international WRO97 festival in Wroclaw/Poland (April-May) is 1 February. (Information and contact addresses below.)

Six weeks on, the struggle of the opposition in Belgrade continues. The government tries its tricks, but every day the streets are full of people who demand for Milosevic to admit defeat in the local elections. It must be difficult to keep up the spirits in weather like this, and over such a long period, which for me is further proof of the degree of respect that this movement deserves. (Check: http://www.xs4all.nl/~opennet)

Best wishes for 1997!

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 97/01

Dear Syndicalists,

my recent letter about the geographical gaps in our not-so-secret Syndicate was a small success – I was sent several long lists with 'people to contact', and I hope that I'll be able to do that in the next weeks. Otherwise, I would again like to ask you to directly invite those people who you think should be part of the Syndicate to join the list – they can do that by subscribing directly (cf info at the end of each newsletter), or by writing to me.

The LEAF97 meeting is now well under way and it seems that a substantial group of Syndicalists will meet there. We should in time put together an agenda for the practical discussions that we should have alongside the thematic meeting about 'Virtual Revolutions'. Suggestions are welcome.

Further meetings might take place during the Ars Electronica (September) and at the third OSTranenie festival in Dessau/Germany in November, one of the great East-West media art platforms. It would be great if that became possible.

Kit Blake has done some more work on the V2_East website (www.v2.nl/east) – thanks very much. I hope that we'll find some extra money soon to turn this into a proper and extensive information source and online-communication channel for the European media art community. [...]

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 97/02

Dear Syndicalists,

you're lucky, this newsletter is short. There are some new announcements of events for this year, as well as the familiar list of upcoming events.

Iliyana is very busy organising the LEAF97 meeting in Liverpool for April - from what I have seen it looks like it is going to be a massive Syndicate meeting, maybe bigger than the last one, with a very diverse group of people. There are some very welcome late-comers, too, and I would like to encourage everybody to consider coming, just to make it even more crazy. In order to water your mouths, I've added the list of just some of the people who will be there in the project info below.

Thanks to Vuk for his report from Belgrade – could everybody who enjoyed reading it promise to write one such report about one such experience some time this year? Imagine how many really good insights we would gain into what is happening around us!

I am also happy about the contact that was established with Caius Grozav from Arad (some-body else who is now planning to come to Liverpool, it seems, as well as Branka Milicic Davic from VideoMedeja in Novi Sad). I hope that, with some effort from everybody, the Syndicate can continue to grow. – By the way, the information about how to subscribe to the list is at the end of every newsletter; also at the end of this one. [...]

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 97/03

Dear Syndicalists,

it's only a few days now until the meeting in Liverpool where some of us are going to get together. The LEAF meeting looks like it is going to be a great get-together which will also include some of the latest Syndicate members. The Ostranenie team from Dessau/D that took a trip all the way to Moldova, to Ukraine and Romania, made some new contacts there and we are very happy about the new arrivals (and are looking forward to the travelogue of which Stephen Kovats will hopefully give us a foretaste in Liverpool at the weekend.). Other subscriptions to the list arrived from Belgrade, Skopje, Prague, and the US. Welcome to ye all.

In Liverpool we will, beside all the other opportunities for talking, get together on Sunday evening at 19.00 hrs. for a special, internal Syndicate meeting in order to make announcements and discuss some of the more practical issues and projects concerning the list and its members. Some of the things that we could raise include: a Syndicate publication series?; European Student Fund proposal; future meetings; the growing Syndicate membership.

This newsletter (which comes a week late, I know - my computer is at the hospital ...) includes the announcement of the Nettime http://www.desk.nl/~nettime meeting which is planned for 22 and 23 May in Ljubljana. As there is a close tie between these two lists (nettime/syndicate), it is not unlikely that this will turn into an 'unofficial' Syndicate meeting of some sort.

One of the themes in Ljubljana will be 'Virtual Europe, Ministate Thinking and the Construction of the Data East', a topic that will recur more often in one or the other form throughout this year: during LEAF in April, at transmedia in Berlin at the end of May, and also at Ostranenie in November. It seems that the rethinking of Europe and the East/West divide are well under way, a process which will not remain without consequences for the Syndicate which is both a result of this divide, and a tool of its undoing.[...]

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 97/04

Dear Syndicalists,

[...] In the summer, the documenta X in Kassel will host the 'Hybrid Workspace' which Geert described in a mail a few days ago. The Syndicate will probably be represented there, i.e. there will be a group of people from the Syndicate working there during a 10-day period. It will be a laboratory for content production in various media and should be a good opportunity to get some of our ideas, projects and discussions out to an interesting public. We are currently looking at a slot around the end of July, beginning of August, though the dates have not been fixed yet. If you are planning to come to Kassel anyway, why not come during that period and turn it into a longer, informal and totally unofficial Syndicate potlach during dX? I'll announce the precise dates as soon as they are fixed.

I have been told that the V2_East/Syndicate was featured in "Culturelink 21", the quarterly of a Zagreb-based international network of cultural networks. Has anybody seen the issue?

Finally, there has been a Syndicate-mail archive running for about a month now, so that you can check all mails that are coming in over the list on the WWW as well; the address is: http://www.v2.nl/mail/v2east/

We can welcome a few more subscribers to the list from Slovenia, the Czech Republic and from the UK. Please, continue to use the list for your announcements and reports, and I do agree with Branka, it is very nice to get a glimpse of the real people behind those dry and official announcements from time to time. [...]

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 97/05

Dear Syndicalists,

it seems that the Nettime meeting in Ljubljana last month was indeed a secret Syndicate meeting as well, and I hope that we will hear more about the event and the results of the discussions from those who were there. Especially the discussion about Europe, about NGOs and about strategies is obviously very interesting for the Syndicate.

One of the next opportunities for getting together will be the Deep Europe workshop (28.7.-6.8.) during the documenta X in Kassel/Germany. Basically, we want to use the occasion for discussing Syndicate-related issues, for presenting work done by people associated with the network to the dX public, and for producing some 'content' in the form of texts, interviews, radio, video- and audiotapes, etc. The possibilities are endless. The list of names attached to the description below are those people who have confirmed their participation. I do hope that we'll have a big Syndicate-potlach there in Kassel this summer with many of you joining or at least dropping by. We can arrange official documenta invitations if you need them to apply for travel, accommodation, etc. money. And if you already know that you will be coming, drop me a line.

During the ars electronica in Linz/Austria in September, there will be another get-together which Diana McCarty is coordinating, and then we are just beginning to plan the next bigger Syndicate meeting for the Ostranenie festival in Dessau in November. This last one will offer a chance to present and continue some of the discussions which we have started in Liverpool, Ljubljana, and elsewhere this year, so if you have ideas for topics that should not be missed, or other suggestions, please, get in touch.

The question about cross-postings from Nettime has been answered very clearly with a Yes, at least from those people who responded to my question. I particularly liked Lisa Haskel's comment which read: "cross-posting is fine by me. I think of it as a kind of process of affinity."

OK, lines are open, post the info to the list directly or, if you are not sure, to me. (Although I must say that there is so far nothing ever that I have not forwarded to the list immediately.) [...]


V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 97/05

Dear Syndicalists,

this month almost twenty new members joined the network after a special round of invitations. Some of you had sent me requests to invite a number of people, and there were positive responses from Yugoslavia, Romania, Latvia, Ukraine, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Carlo Giovanella wrote a description of his activities in Rome, and I would like to encourage other people to also introduce themselves to the other people in the V2_East/Syndicate network. More than anything, this initiative is about sharing information, building cooperation structures and realising projects together. Knowing who else is involved in the network is therefore of vital importance.[...]

The ars electronica in Linz/Austria (9.-13.9.) will be hosting the Syndicate Net.Shop, an Internet-Art-workshop for young net artists. And then we are planning the next bigger Syndicate meeting for the Ostranenie Forum in Dessau/Germany from 5.-9. November. The deadline for submissions to the festival programme is today and the jury will be meeting in Dessau in the course of July. What we will try to do is draw together a lot of the questions that have been raised at earlier meetings in Rotterdam, Liverpool, Ljubljana, Kassel and elsewhere, and discuss them in a concentrated way during Ostranenie. It would be great if as many of you as possible would come to Dessau in November, so please do start making your travel plans early and get in touch with the team at emi@stiftung-bauhaus.de for information, invitations, etc. [...]

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 97/07

Dear Syndicalists,

this is a short summer-version of the newsletter. It is around 30 C here in Dresden and probably hotter the further you go south or east.

The list has been quite active in the last weeks, partly due to the 'Deep Europe' Syndicate workshop in Kassel which brought together more than 20 people from many east and west european countries. Beside the newsgroup and editorial area on the dX website http://www.icf.de/workspace, which we can continue to use for Syndicate-related discussions, we are also building up an area on the V2_East website, where all this material will be kept for documentation http://www.v2.nl/east/archive/deep_europe/hybrid.html (If you have photographs or video grabs taken in Kassel, please, send them so that we can put them up on the site.) Several people have promised to write reports and 'letters from home' about our time in Kassel which I think was extremely productive, and nice.

An interesting detail: the Deep Europe workshop did not receive any financial support from the Soros Foundation, none of the participants got travel grants or whatever. Given that there were at least 12 people who could have been eligible, this is quite surprising. (Support came mainly from the German Institut fuer Auslandsbeziehungen, and from the APEXchanges fund.) In a way it was a relief to see that the equation: eastern europe+culture(/money)=soros, is not necessarily correct any longer. [...]

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 97/08

Dear Syndicalists,

I am writing this from the Ars Electronica festival in Linz/Austria, where we are participating with the Remote C project http://remote.aec.at, and the Syndicate Net.Shop which brings together web artists from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland and Latvia for a workshop. It's busy and distracting up here, but it's also great to see and meet so many people.

The Syndicate network is still growing slowly and it may be worth repeating, especially for those who have joined more recently, that this is a network of people who share an interest in media culture and media art. It grew out of an East-West cooperation initiative and is now a network that connects more than 160 people from 28 European and 3 non-European countries. We meet regularly in the context of festivals and conferences, like recently at the Video Positive festival in Liverpool, the documenta X in Kassel, or here at the ars electronica. I find it important that you see this list not as an information service, but as your channel to these people. You should try to come to these meetings where we make contact, talk about projects and interests, and develop collaborations – and have a lot of fun. It's situations like the Deep Europe workshop in Kassel, or this meeting here in Linz, where more than 20 people spend a week together, working, talking, eating, drinking, ..., that make the whole thing worthwhile, as far as I am concerned. [...]

You may have noticed that messages sent to 'syndicate@aec.at' go directly to the list and are not moderated or censored. The noise level has always been relatively low, so we can keep the list open, which makes it possible for all of us to send to the list what we think is important. I would once again like to encourage everybody to send information that you feel is of interest directly to the list.

Some people say that there are too many announcements and not enough discussion about 'deep european' topics on the Syndicate list. This is simply a matter of writing, responding, and starting such discussions. There is no limitation of what we can do with this channel, and I think that there are a lot of important issues that should be talked about.

Like for instance the restructuring that is happening within the Soros Foundation. 'The network's structure is being revised at the moment. Network funding is secured until the year 2000, after which each center must find ways of supporting themselves, or at least look for matching funds.' A lot of the activities that people from the Syndicate are involved in are co-sponsored by the SCCAs, so that in two and a half years the conditions of our work might change quite radically. It would, I believe, be important to start a dialogue about what this will mean for us in practical terms – maybe somebody who has the details of 'Uncle George's' letter to the Soros network can post a little report about the state of things? [...]

V2_East / Syndicate Newsletter 97/09

Dear Syndicalists,

what a weekend: at this moment, members of the Syndicate are (co)organising events in Hull (ROOTless), Maribor (Festival of Computer Art), Tallinn (Interstanding2), Trondheim (Screens), Brno (Hi-Tech Art) and Graz (Steirischer Herbst). Good places to meet, all of them...

I just finished proof-reading part of the Syndicate Reader which we are producing for Ostranenie and which will include an selection of texts and messages which were posted on the list over the past 18 months. It shows what a long way we have come, and how many open questions there are for discussion. In Dessau, where the Ostranenie festival will take place in 3 and a half weeks, we will hold an internal Syndicate meeting on Saturday, Nov. 8th, and an open forum discussion on Sunday, Nov. 9th. For exact time and place check the programme updates that will come in over the next days. (If you still need help regarding your travel to Dessau, please, get in touch with Marci Jost at emi@stiftung-bauhaus.de for information, invitations, etc.)

If you look at the programme of the festival that Stephen Kovats sent out the other day (or at the excerpts below) you will see a most amazing collection of videos, performances, exhibition pieces and lectures - a deep european feast which hopefully many of you can participate in. We should also talk about the next steps – like a tentatively proposed informal meeting in Tirana next spring, and the possibilities for a special presence of the Syndicate at ISEA98 in Liverpool/Manchester next September. (Deadline for submissions will be 15 January.) [...]

Please, continue using the list syndicate@aec.at for posting info that is of interest to the media art community in East and West Europe. And once again: Some of you have promised info about their institutions and activities, and I would like to encourage you to write a few sentences – there are a lot of curious people in this growing network who might be future partners for your projects. Also, I would like to ask you all to pass information that might be interesting for people who don't have e-mail on to those people. Wealth in information comes from exchanging it freely.

Best wishes, and see you soon,

Andreas Broeckmann (V2_East)

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