Show Me the Money (Blowup Reader 5)

'Show Me the Money', part of the series of Blowup readers, collects several texts which explore the relation between money, value and culture. (Free Download)

This e-​Book contains texts from our invited guests for our Blowup event, as well as contributions from artists (who are, let’s not forget, often walking the fault line between art and money).

This was a special event, as it was a collaboration with the Test_Lab programme at V2_. On December 1, The People Speak organised their democracy game show Who Wants To Be? as part of the Test_Lab programme. At the Who Wants To Be? game show, the entry fees from all participants were pooled, and the evening game show was spent generating ideas on how to spend these collective funds. Ideas ranged from planting fruit and nut trees throughout Rotterdam to donating the money to charity to holding a Who Wants To Be? game show for kids. In the end, the winning idea was to give V2_ a new doorbell, accompanied by a plaque listing the names of all who were present at the event. This result surprised just about everyone, and demonstrated how democracy can work in strange and unexpected ways. The following evening at Blowup, three speakers delivered provocations on the topic of art and money: Why are artists poor? Does the so-​called “American model” of arts funding work at all? Are democracies any good at spending money? and so on. Following that, The People Speak rolled out their UFO-​like Talkaoke table, with Zsolt the host at its centre. In all my years of curating and organising lectures, talks, and debates, it was the first time where I noticed that every person in the room spoke.

The texts in this reader provide some insights into the thoughts of the guest speakers at our Blowup event, and also I have added a few projects by artists to further deepen the discourse presented by our speakers. The three artists’ projects in this reader will surely illuminate different ways of thinking and approaching the subject.

(Michelle Kasprzak)



1. Introduction by Michelle Kasprzak
2. A selection of texts (What are we incubating and to what end?, Waiting for a new business model for the arts, How to avoid a strip-​mall future for the arts sector: Lessons from the boutique label, Pi, and The lesson in my new tree for arts policy makers) by Diane Ragsdale
3. Notes on the Exploitation of Poor Artists by Hans Abbing
4. Introduction to the artist’s works by Michelle Kasprzak
5. Artist’s project: Bijlmer Euro by Christian Nold
6. Artist’s project: MACHT GESCHENKE by Christin Lahr
7. Artist’s project: Cards by Lada Nakonechna



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