Speculative Realities (Blowup Reader 6)

'Speculative Realities', part of the series of Blowup readers, collects several text and interviews connected to the Speculative Realities exhibition of 2012. (Free Download)

This eBook, the sixth in the se­ries of Blowup Read­ers re­leased by V2_, ex­plores the sig­nif­icance of the re­cent philo­soph­ic move­ments known as Ob­ject-​Ori­ent­ed On­tol­ogy and Spec­ula­tive Re­al­ism for the vi­su­al and me­dia arts. The ebook was edited in connection to the Speculative Realities exhibition.

Two artists and one col­lab­ora­tive duo were com­mis­sioned to make new art­works re­flect­ing broad­ly on con­cepts with­in Ob­ject-​Ori­ent­ed On­tol­ogy and Spec­ula­tive Re­al­ism. The artists were Tu­ur van Balen & Re­vi­tal Co­hen, Cheryl Field, and Karoli­na Sobec­ka.

To sup­ple­ment the de­scrip­tions of the works and brief in­ter­views with the artists in this eBook, three new in­ter­views were com­mis­sioned. Sven Lüttick­en was in­ter­viewed by Rachel O’Reil­ly, Jus­si Parik­ka was in­ter­viewed by Michael Di­eter, and Rick Dol­phi­jn was in­ter­viewed by Michelle Kasprzak.

The ex­hi­bi­tion took place from De­cem­ber 8, 2012 un­til Jan­uary 11, 2013 at Rood­kap­je, Meent 133, Rot­ter­dam.



Speculative Realities (Blowup Reader 6) PDF

Speculative Realities (Blowup Reader 6) epub

Speculative Realities (Blowup Reader 6) mobi




1. In­tro­duc­tion & Cu­ra­to­ri­al State­ment by Michelle Kasprzak

2. Blowup: Spec­ula­tive Re­al­ities – Con­cept, list of works and de­scrip­tions


3. In­ter­view with the com­mis­sioned artists by Michelle Kasprzak

4. New Ma­te­ri­al­ism and Non-​Hu­man­isa­tion, Jus­si Parik­ka in­ter­viewed by Michael Di­eter

5. The Tech­niques of Ex­is­tence, Un­fore­seen, Rick Dol­phi­jn in­ter­viewed by Michelle Kasprzak

6. Art His­to­ry’s Ob­jects, Sven Lüttick­en in­ter­viewed by Rachel O’Reil­ly



Jan­uary 2013, Rot­ter­dam. Copy­right of the texts re­sides with the au­thors.

Blowup is a se­ries of events and ex­hi­bi­tions that ex­plore con­tem­po­rary ques­tions from mul­ti­ple view­points. Blowup zooms in on ideas, bring­ing in­to fo­cus clear pic­tures of how art, de­sign, phi­los­ophy, and tech­nol­ogy are trans­form­ing our lives – or re­in­forc­ing the sta­tus quo.

Blowup is cu­rat­ed by Michelle Kasprzak.

Blowup de­sign by Ar­jen de Jong (Buro Du­plex).

Pho­tographs by Jan Nass.

Con­tri­bu­tions by Co­hen Van Balen, Michael Di­eter, Rick Dol­phi­jn, Cheryl Field, Michelle Kasprzak, Sven Lüttick­en, Rachel O’Reil­ly, Jus­si Parik­ka, Karoli­na Sobec­ka.

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