The Archivist Speaks: Het Zweet

Just a random entry into the archive by way of an upcoming concert...

Tonight (14 March 2019) I was browsing through the program of the upcoming Minimal Music Festival at the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ in Amsterdam (April 2019). I clicked on 'Massive Trance' by Driftmachine + Ron van de Kerkhof. 'The legendary trance-inducing cassette of Marien van Oers interpreted by sound artist Jeroen Vermandere'. It's one of the free events. (That's why I clicked). None of the names are familiar to me. Then I read: 'Massive Trance is a legendary cassette by Marien van Oers (alias Het Zweet), who made intense and repetitive music in the 1980s.')

Het Zweet? But as archivist of V2_ I do know Het Zweet. He performed at V2_ back in 1986 as part of the two day Romantic Aesthetics-event. The page about his performance mentions 14 June 1986 as the date, but judging from the program that should probably be 13 June. There's two photo's online, and more specific information is lacking.

Actually he also performed also at V2_ a year earlier. It's mentioned as a peformance of the piece Topsy-Turvy. It took place on the 22nd of March 1985 – most probably after midnight, at the end of a night with film and video. It was a performance together with Marina van den Tweel. Acccording to the poster the evening featured the screening of video's and films by Alex Adriaansens (Z.T.), Tödliche Doris (Band III and Band 4) and Wikke 't Hooft (Sterf Golf). The description online mentions that Het Zweet was a 'group from Breda'. Though Het Zweet was Marien van Oers, I will leave this description as it might come from an old source, and it might be that Het Zweet at that moment was considered a 'group'.

I had no idea that Het Zweet had become somewhat legendary. It appears that his performances included using contact mikes on shopping cart and other bits of metal. There is a number of videos – some digitised – in the archive of V2_ that are just registrations of concerts of punk/post-punk/noise-groups. Maybe, when I have time, I will look if we have any by Het Zweet. To be honest, I doubt it, as the offline index to the video archive only mentions one compilation tape with 5 minutes of Het Zweet, the original is a VHS, and it was transferred to DV years ago.

As always it's kinda nice to quickly do a bit of pseudo research by just feeding names into a search engine. But one can easily become lost in it. There is so much... Of course you can find Massive Trance on Youtube, and probably much more on websites specialized in obscure underground and industrial music.

The young artists Jeroen Vermandere has a whole project about the scene of 1980s DIY-music. I grabbed this picture from his site:

Het Zweet Massive Trance

Marien van Oers btw died in 2013.


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