The Network is the Narrative

Abstract of David Garcia's lecture for the Future Moves 3 workshop.

Narrative is a form of knowledge which necessarily develops its propositions in a temporal sequence, in a progression. And in so doing addresses the problem of temporality: our time-bounded-ness, our consciousness of existence within the limits of mortality. This fact accounts for the persistence narratives in a networked landscape of databases whose possible configurations are infinite. I would like to propose a presentation which explores the way that those who deal with narrative on the net, those for whom "the network is the narrative" have returned to its most primal aspect "plot". To do this would draw attention to fact way that in English the word "plot" has a number of meanings with a hidden connection. Plot is not only the organising line giving momentum and structure to a story it is also a piece of ground or a measured area of land and we must not forget a third meaning a plot can be a scheme, a secret plan to accomplish a hostile purpose. It is this connection of time, space and power that revitalize the plotting aspect of the narrative in the network.

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