Viruses and telepresence

Some works about telepresence, autarky, computer viruses and other themes that might be relevant now....

Over the years V2_ has presented quite a number of works that researched the idea of telepresence. Sometimes these were large scale, serious works (that tried to image telepresence as 'realistic as possible'), sometimes these works looked at telepresence critical, and there's a number of funny works too. The classic is of course Paul Sermon's Telematic Dreaming. There were a number of large interactive installations that dealt with telepresence, for instance M.U.S.H.by Joachim Montessuis and Eléonore Hellio. The artist group Sponge developed TGarden and Membrane in the early 21st century. MOBI is Graham Smith's robot that makes you present in a different place, and – on the fun side – Telephonic Arm-Wrestling.

With regards to computer viruses, there's the Perpetual Self Dis-Infecting Machine (2004)a software work by the Italian collective 0100101110101101.org. And for autarky, take a look at for instance Makrolab, and this paper from a couple of years ago: Explorations of Ecological Autarky in Art, Design, and Science.

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