Interference 53 N,42 E (v2.0)

Interference 53°N,42°E - v2.0 (2020) is an interactive and immersive installation by Sandipan Nath and Nikzad Arabshahi dealing with human generated underwater noise pollution in the North Sea.

Interference 53°N,42°E focuses in particular on shipping noise which directly overlaps the frequency band of acoustic communication used by many marine animals. Using recordings made near the shores of Texel, Interference 53°N,42°E aims to produce indicative data for mapping the distribution and directionality of continuous underwater noise in the North Sea.

The visual elements are inspired by the phenomenon of propeller-cavitation which generates the noise. As visitors interact with the installation, their movement data is fed into a custom ambisonic sound engine which creates a three dimensional sound field based on spherical harmonic expansions of the field. With an 8-channel 3D surround sound and full HD projectors, a real-time space mapping is created. The soundscape generated by the interaction is a unique culmination of polyrhythmic marine bioacoustics and human generated noise recorded near the shores of Texel. By intertwining space, sound and image, the installation makes an appeal to create an embodied feeling of the noise pollution marine animals experience everyday.

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