The City is You and Me

Three presentations in the context of the IFFR 2003, three different ways to experience the city with these interactive projects by Jeanne van Heeswijk (NL), Matt Adams (UK), and Sascha Kempe and Michael Wolf (BRD).

The City is You and Me

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Jan 2003
17:00 to 20:00
location: Rotterdamse Schouwburg (Kleine Zaal), Rotterdam

The modern city can be described as a complicated web of individuals and social/cultural groups, plus a technical infrastructure of buildings and machines where economical, political and technological forces interact. Over the past hundred years this technical infrastructure -- electricity grid, telephone lines, cable tv, Internet, transport -- has been a deciding influence on how the city has developed and it has caused rapid social and cultural change. The city has been lifted beyond its geographical limitations and has recently been connected in real time to all corners of the world through glass fiber cables and satellites. The city as a physical, site specific place now coincides with the city as a part of a virtual network of global connectivity and economic and political forces. Cities have become nodes in a global network.

In this Sunday matinee, V2_ will present three artists' projects where telling a personal story about the city and the artists' personal surroundings becomes a means to reflect and participate but also to pass on and exchange social and cultural experiences. All three artists make use of interactive media, turning the listener into an active participant who, in a dialogue with the other participants, constructs a personal story. Each of these projects does so in its own distinctive way, by placing a different accent, a different focus and by deploying different strategies for visualizing the dynamics, complexity and diversity of the city so it can be experienced by the participants.

Face Your World – Jeanne van Heeswijk (NL)
Can You See Me Now? – Matt Adams, one of the members of the theatre and media group Blast Theory (UK). This project will be executed during DEAF03.
Stadtwirklichkeit – Sascha Kempe and Michael Wolf (BRD)

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