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Coming out of Amsterdam's squatter movement and the illegal radio scene, Adilkno/Bilwet was founded in 1983 as an artist/author collective by Geert Lovink, Arjen Mulder, BasJan van Stam, Lex Wouterloot and Patrice Riemens.

Among other things, Adilkno engages in actions, radioprograms, letters, travel, manifests, telephone conversations, walks and/or translations.

Adilkno published Het Beeldenrijk - over stralingsangst en ruimteverlangen (1985), Bewegingsleer (1990), Het Buitenmediale by Arjen Mulder (1991), Hör zu oder Stirb by Geert Lovink (1992), Media Archief (1992) and Der Datendandy (1994). Alongside translations, Adilkno publishes in Mediamatic, Andere Sinema, Schwarzer Faden, NN, Blvd, Heaven Sent (RIP) and De Digitale Stad.


Adilko was interviewed in the 2000 V2_ publication Book for the Electronic Arts.

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