AKHE Group

AKHE Group is an experimental theater group from St. Petersburg: "Russian Engineering Theater."

AKHE Group

AKHE: engineering theater

AKHE was founded in 1989 by three members of Boris Ponizovski Theatre "Yes - No" (Maksim Isaev, Pavel Semtchenko, Vadim Vasiliev). The group announced itself as independent (in style and form) and combined elements from performance, cinema and fine arts. The group consists of two to seven members, always including Maksim Isaev and Pavel Semtchenko.

From 1996 on, AHKE saw themselves more as a theater collective, starting with the performance Cataloque of the Hero. Since then, the group participates in theaters festivals worldwide. Its members work as artists, stage designers, film directors, and take part in public art events or collaborative theater projects with groups or theaters, such as Derevo (RUS/GER), Lantaaren (NL), Toihaus (A), Slava Polunin (RUS). 

AKHE sees its interventions as 'Optical Theater' or 'Russian Engineering Theatre'. A such, AKHE considers itself an Operator in an (ideal scenic) Space with (ideal) Light and Sound; thus giving space, light and sound the function of a fully integrated element.



Nederlands / Dutch text

AKHE is een collectief en een performance groep die zich met visuele kunst, video, performance en multi-media bezighoudt. Bestaande uit Maxim Isaev en Pavel Semchenko, zijn zij verbonden aan Gallery 21, mediakunst groep uit St Pietersburg.

Tentoonstellingen: 1992 Petrograd-Gallery, Hamburg; 1993 Young Art International Symposium, Gutersloh; 1994 Stubnitz, Humburg; 1995 Booki-Booki, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; 1996 Kostja Suicid, Blaue Fabrik, Dresden; Performances: 1990-1996. Meerd dan 80 performances in St. Pietersburg, Moscow, Hamburg, Bonn, Dresden, Wien, Salzburg, Linz, Innsbruck, Seget, Erfurt, Helsinki.

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