APO33 is an interdisciplinary, collaborative laboratory in Nantes (FR).


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APO33, as an interdisciplinary laboratory drawing on the artistic and technological fields, fosters various collective projects associating research, experimentation and social intervention. APO33 operates across networked and physical spaces and develops tools (hardware/software) for creative projects and the wider FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) community of artists and programmers.

APO33 was created in 1997 as an experimental music organisation with the aim of promoting new types of music and sound practices. The purpose of APO33 is to create the conditions for the development of all the kinds of music and sound practices which contribute to the advancement of sound creation. This includes electronic music, concrete music, contemporary written music, sound poetry, sound art. AP033 groups these multiple practices under the name of audio art. To enable the development of audio art, APO33 organises several activities: concert programming in Nantes and its suburbs, the formation of spaces of creation, experimentation and research open to the public, the production of CD's on the label Fibrr, the organisation of educational interventions in schools and other structures and the development of artistic research and interventions with the CIA (Cellule d'Intervention d'APO33).


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