ART+COM is a Berlin-based multidisciplinary organization focused on new forms of interactions.


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The ART+COM e.V., an organization founded in Berlin for computer-based imaging and design, belongs, along with the ART+COM GmbH for Media Technology and Design, founded in 1995, to the pioneers in the development of new telecommunication services. Their ideas not only serve to design technology, but also to reveal new forms of interaction and living in the information society and help put these into practice. Creative and critical cooperation in designing our media future is the guideline of the ART+COM group.

ART+COM's multidisciplinary team, which is composed of IT specialists, designers, natural scientists, architects, technicians and artists, has been developing multimedia applications and virtual reality systems since it was founded. ART+COM's work has received great recognition at many computer graphics conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions (Siggraph, Imagina...) and has been awarded numerous prizes in the field of computer art (Ars Electronica, IMF Award...).


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