Buro Duplex

Rotterdam-based freelance design collective.

Buro Duplex

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Buro Duplex has currently five members: Daphne Heemskerk, Olivier Otten, Arjen de Jong, Mr. Sauli and Nick Koning. They work together – or individually – on a broad range of projects, such as a website or a visual identity. But they like to take it further. They initiate their own projects, mainly to explore new possibilities in the field of ‘new media’.

The classic boundaries between creative disciplines (e.g. graphic design, animation, art) no longer exist in this digital era. Therefore Buro Duplex thinks in three overlapping fields of expertise; visual, interaction and programming. These fields are represented in all members combined, and they can be used to realize any product one may need. Connecting ‘old’ and ‘new’ media. Book, video, illustration, website, application, object….


Buro Duplex and Baschz Leeft will demonstrate the Album ARtwork for La Melodia's 12" Electronic Love during the Test_Lab: Tools for ARt on December 16, 2010.

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