CCRU (=Cybernetic Culture Research Unit) is a research collective.



Founded in 1995, the CCRU was originally based in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Warwick, UK, where it supported doctoral research activity in the field of cybernetic culture. It has since mutated into an autonomous collective of hyperculture researchers involved in the production of pulp theory/fiction hybrids. Completing a number of theoretical projects, gamescripts, cybergothic fictions and projects relating to the Syzygy hyperstition matrix. It regularly collaborates with games design consultancy Abstract Machines, record label Katasonix, and hypermedia laboratory Kode 9. During the 1990s CCRU organized the highly acclaimed Afro Futures and Virotechnics events. It is the publisher of the Abstract Culture journal, and co-curated the 1999 Syzygy hypermedia event in London.


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