CIVA Festival

CIVA is a new media festival in Vienna.

CIVA, Vienna’s new media art festival (hosted by the platform sound:frame), aims to show the potential of artistic approaches in interaction with science, technology and sociopolitical issues. At the core of the festival is the desire to build a strong network, to be a well-functioning platform for a growing international community, and to create joyful, low-threshold access for visitors of all backgrounds. 

“CIVA was born of a strong desire to show what current media art is and always has been: Media artists deal with issues that come from the heart of society. They critically question how we deal with the media that we ourselves have created. Media that shapes people and social contexts. Media that sometimes throws us off balance. CIVA is in equal parts a festival for these artists and a festival for a society that is interested in thinking and shaping. Because in the last year especially, the digital and the virtual have helped us to stay connected on many levels. Around CIVA, for example, a wonderful collective has formed that has managed to realize a festival in just four months, even though some people on the team have never seen each other in the physical.”


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