Demers & Vorn

Demers & Vorn is a Canadian artist duo collaborating on large-scale robotic installations.

Demers & Vorn

Demers & Vorn, 'Lost Referential', 1998

Bill Vorn's and Louis-Philippe Demers' successful collaboration extended over many years during which time they created several large-scale robotic, interactive installations and performances. These environments have consisted mainly of intelligent robotic components or entities that act and react in response to the audience. The primary focuses behind their installations are immersion, reactivity and interaction, with all three factors being influenced mainly by intense sound and light. Their approach has been to create "spaces designed for machine populations and cybernetic organisms, societies which express metaphoric behaviours, spaces that are surrealistic immersive sites where viewers become both explorers and intruders. By creating this universe of faked realities loaded with "pain" and "groan," the aim of this work is to induce empathy of the viewer towards these "characters" which are solely articulated metallic structures. Therefore, we want to underline the strength of the simulacra by the perversion of the perception of animats, which are neither animals nor humans, carried through the inevitable instinct of anthropomorphism and projection of internal sensations, a reflex triggered by any manifestation that challenges our senses."

from: Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn, La Cour des miracles, The Processing Plant, 14 June 2001


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