e-Xplo is the framework for the collaboration between Erin McGonigle, Heimo Lattner, and Rene Gabri.

e-Xplo develops maps, routes, sound and film materials as reflections of a multifaceted investigation into location, context, social identity, landscape, and the public space of information.

Each work proposes distinct but related topics, thus focusing on specific issues for concrete places while searching for broader insights.

e-Xplo could possibly provide the scenario in which the articulation of indivdual narratives and their approaches to larger references becomes a highly charged site

e-Xplo takes on the part of a topographical agent by developing projects which engage a space and the people who inhabit it.

Erin McGonigle, studied anthropology and practices sustainability.
Rene Gabri, studied painting and film and is seeking an agent in Los Angeles.
Heimo Lattner, studied painting and is a notorious collector of radio-recordings.


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