exonemo is the net unit of Kensuke Sembo + Yae Akaiwa.


exonemo; web shot

exonemo started as an experimental net art unit by Kensuke Sembo + Yae Akaiwa in 1996. They produced many works including KAO, BM394, and DISCODER. In 1997, KAO was awarded the special award in eAT Kanazawa97, and the Grand Prix of expression category (organised by the Java Conference). In 1998, BM394 was awarded during the Urbanart#7 competition (by Parco). DISCODER, produced for Shiseido's Net Gallery CyGnet in 1999, received an Honorary Mention of .net at Prix Ars Electronica 2000.

From 2000, exonemo started producing work connected with installations, such as with the (installation version of) DISCODER, shown during the 'Exploding Cinema' at the Rotterdam Film Festival IFFR 2000, at Ars Electronica 2000 (Linz), Media Select 2000 (Nagoya) and in the first solo show at command N (Tokyo). exonemo#003 in Operation Spiral - Super Sign Project (Spiral, Tokyo) at MediaSelect 2000 (Nagoya).


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