Geek team

The Geek team are Emilie Tappolet, Maria María Beltràn and Raphaël Muñoz from the Master Media Design Program at HEAD (CH).

Geek team

from left to right: Maria, Raphael, Emilie

Emilie Tappolet is a Swiss media designer. She studied film and visual communication and is currently finishing her Media Design masters degree at the HEAD in Geneva. Her work focuses on pervasive play scenarios that push the boundaries between the physical and the virtual world in a game context.

Maria María Beltran (COL) studied Industrial Design at Ecal in Lausanne Switzerland, now finishing her Master's Diploma at HEAD Geneva. She's interested in the possibilities of new technologies in our daily interactions with physical objects. She's working on the role of information in the domain of furniture, which new interactions and typologies merge from this association.

Raphaël Muñoz is a Swiss interaction designer finishing his Master's Diploma at the HEAD - Geneva. His work is mainly focused on game mechanics and interactivity. He's interested in multiplayer games and their social environments.


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