Home Computer Museum

The HomeComputerMuseum is a 1000+ m² interactive computer museum and covers the history of the home computer, from the very first home computer to modern variants in the late 90s and beyond.

In the computer museum there are  various rooms that are furnished in style with various accessories from that time. So it's more than a computer museum, it's a journey through computer history. In the Arcade, several generations of game consoles and arcade cabinets are on display. Brands such as Atari, Commodore, IBM, Olivetti, Philips, Sony, Tulip, Acorn, Sinclair, Tandy and many others are lined up ready to play.

The task of the HomeComputerMuseum is to preserve computers, peripherals, software and the documentation thereof in their original state, to preserve and restore them where possible. So that the knowledge, innovation and cultural value of this is not lost or forgotten for future generations.


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