Hybrid Forms Lab

The Hybrid Forms Lab is a horizontal research platform with a collaborative effort of scientists and artists/designers to explore environmental science, automation, laser and optics based art, living systems and biophysics.

Hybrid Forms Lab seeks to blur the lines from all disciplines and connect the sciences and humanities through art. All levels of expertise are welcome, most strongly we encourage students to apply for internships or design their own projects.

The goal of the hybrid forms lab is to blur the lines between disciplines, especially those between art and science, to explore common ground and to seek connections through art between science and humanities. We like to demonstrate science as it is being researched outside the laboratory and academia to the general public for critical reflection and dissemination via events, exhibitions and workshops.

The HF lab seeks synergy between scientists and artists/designers for developing novel technology and works of beauty and inspiration.

The laboratory will function as a meeting and developing space where research and design go hand in hand, allowing constant feedback between artists and scientists.

The Hybrid Forms Lab is located at the VU university in the Demonstrator Lab, second floor of the building of exact sciences (Wetenschappen en Natuur Gebouw 1081), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The HF lab is coordinated by the artist Ivan Henriques and the lead researcher Raoul Frese.


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