Institut fuer Neue Medien

Institut für Neue Medien (INM) is a cultural organisation.

Institut fuer Neue Medien


The INM-Institute for New Media is since 1994 operated by the Institute for New Media (IfNM) e.V. as an autonomous platform in the field of New Media research and development as well as internet applications and solutions. It was already founded in 1989 as a vanguard experimental laboratory for interactive New Media Art at the Städelschule, University of Fine Arts in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Institute is organized as an open "Plug-In" platform where individuals, institutions and companies can dock onto with their individual projects. It offers space, logistics and networks for projects and discourses dealing with the present and the future of New Media and the knowledge society.

Based on its theoretical and applied research projects the INM builds a bridge ("bridging") between science and society, economy and creative people ("public science"). The trans-disciplinary and inter-methodical way of thinking - between art, science and application - of the protagonists of the INM is an essential precondition for dealing with the new Media (r)evolution in our real-virtual environment.


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