InterSpace is an independent New Media Art Center in Sofia.



Founded in 1998 as a non-profit organisation, InterSpace is an association of artists, curators, web designers and technical experts. The mission of Interspace is to establish a media art community in Bulgaria and facilitate collaboration in an international context.

A group of independent Bulgarian artists built InterSpace in Sofia, a New Media Art Center which concentrates on creation and presentation of video art, multimedia installations, net art and electronic sound. InterSpace works actively on integrating the community of Bulgarian media artists locally and internationally. It provides training and organizes forums, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, multimedia shows. Working independently is media artist and net.activist Ventsislav Zankov, who is the founder and editor of the contemporary art and culture e-zine Zet_Mag. There is one most recent zine for contemporary art, Coup D'Eta(R)t, magazine for new visual practices, which opened a net.art forum section. Its initiator and editor is curator and art historian Svilen Stafanov.


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