Jungle Association of Autonomous Astronauts

Jungle Association of Autonomous Astronauts is a collective. Jungle AAA

The Jungle AAA was founded for an 333 days existence on April 23rd 2000. Their goal is simple. They want to prove that space travel can be accessible to every one. Their First DJ on the Moon Project which in the very near future will bring the first Junglenauts on the moon's surface will be the final prove of the rightness of their thesis. The works of the Jungle AAA has been highly secretive. Not strange if one knows that their corporate enemies like the NASA & the ESA will do anything to prevent them from making worldwide the knowledge which a few people have known for years: the official space agencies are liars & losers who can do nothing that keeping up their own little schemes.

The rare times last year that they left their hanger where they are building their space ship the SS phOTEK has been for presentations where they recruited junglenauts & tested the drum'n'bass fuel which drives their vessel. On their site one can find a full list of their activities so far as well as their reasons for leaving this planet behind. For their Wiretap presentation, which was one of two in a last serial of testings, they prepared a visual & audio show to give the audience an insight into what the Jungle AAA expect space will be like if one cruises it in such a beautiful ship as the SS phOTEK which noise they will emulate.

Mainstream astronauts need not come.


Article on the AAA in Dutch: DIY-SF: Associatie van Autonome Astronautenl

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