knowbotic research

knowbotic research sees the transformation of the public sphere as ongoing process.

knowbotic research

knowbotic research

knowbotic research (DE/AT/CH) is Yvonne Wilhelm, Christian Hübler and Alexander Tuchacek, a group of Austrian/German artists which formed in 1991 and is based in Zurich. 

Their artistic practice formulates that the transformation of the public sphere is a continuous process that is intimately linked not only to the development of media technologies, but also to the ways in which different agents act in the difference of their physical and symbolic contexts. Their most recent projects have been investigating the construction of meaning and communication in a series of playfully 'test cases' that raise important questions about the constitution of subjectivity under the conditions of an information society. 

knowbotic research's work has been discussed in various international publications and conferences and has received major awards, including the Claasen Prize for Media Art and Photography; the international ZKM Media Art Award; the August Seeling Award of the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum; and the Prix Arts Electronica Golden Nica.

Since 1998, knowbotic research has held a professorship and carried out research in the New Media Department at the University of Art and Design (HGKZ) in Zurich. 


knowbotic research has published the several essays with V2_: Codes Bad Guys Space (TransUrbanism, 2002), Non-Locations/Event: Under Construction (Interfacing Realities, 1997), The Urban as Field of Action (TechnoMorphica, 1997), and with +cF IO_Dencies - Questioning Urbanity (The Art of the Accident, 1998). Christian Hübler was involved in the December 4, 2009 Opaque Presence event in the IABR context.

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