Konic Thtr

Kònic Thtr (ES) is the Barcelona-based collective by Rosa Sànchez and Alain Baumann.

Konic Thtr

performing 'Sanctus, the Profaned Body'; photo: Jan Sprij

Kònic Thtr can be defined as a label for the production and realisation of artistic projects using interactive technology.

References and aims of Kònic Thtr are the search of new contemporary languages of creation and communication, which usually take shape in installation / performance; and the thematic preoccupation about the perception of the human body in advanced societies.

The concept the machine, extension/prosthesis of our bodies, the only way for social communication has brought Alain Baumann and Rosa Sànchez to show interest for new technologies, getting involved in a project of materialization of applied interactions to the installation/performance, interactions body-sound-light and image, where the public will finish or modify the process that the authors initially proposed.

The collaboration, since 1990, between Alain Baumann and Rosa Sànchez under the name Kònic Thtr has crystallised in several projects of installation/performance -- multidisciplinary projects until 1994 and multimedia projects since then.


(bio 1995)

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